Voice of the Apostles 2022 Sessions


In October 2022, as it has for over twenty years, the Voice of the Apostles will bring together modern day “generals of the faith,” to deliver a significant, destiny-shaping time of teaching and impartation. Join us with a pure heart and desire for God, and truly we believe you will receive impartation, prayer, and life-changing encounters with God.

As the world faces uncertainty at every turn it is time to come together as a church, exalt the king, and be reminded that Jesus Christ sits on the throne! Let’s come together and worship, praise, exalt, receive, learn, encourage, teach, and encounter the living God. This is not the time for voices of fear. This is not the time for voices of condemnation. It is time for the voice of of the apostles. It is time for the voice of the Father!

Held in Columbus, OH at Greater Columbus Convention Center on October 25-28, 2022. Speakers include Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Joseph Garlington, Jessika Tate, Tom Jones, Joanne Moody, Leif Hetland, Richie Seltzer, Mike Hutchings, Charity Cook, Brian Starley and William Wood.