Walking In Supernatural Healing Power


Walking in God’s healing power is easier than you imagined. Have you ever imagined, I believe God heals people. But healing ministry? That’s for… someone on a platform? One who is super spiritual? Someone who has their act together?

In Walking in Supernatural Healing Power, Chris Gore demystifies God’s supernatural power. He then shows how you can be effectively trained, equipped, and activated into a lifestyle of walking in healing and miracles. Get ready to:

  • Build a foundation for healing by knowing God’s character—He is good.
  • Overcome doubts and offense—roadblocks to walking in healing power.
  • Be encouraged by reading exciting testimonies of God’s power at work—in everyday life.
  • Rely on God’s grace to accomplish the supernatural—it’s Him, not you.
ISBN - 9780768442427

Variant: Book