Way of the Victorious


The Ancient Power of Spiritual Disciples... Are you tired of stale Christianity? Do you desire to spend time with God, but have no idea what to actually do? Are you both fascinated and intimidated by spiritual disciplines like prayer, fasting, solitude, and biblical meditation? Way of the Victorious reveals how these ancient disciplines are actually pathways to greater intimacy with Jesus, and keys to unlocking revival power.

Parker Richard Green was living life as a Christian but knew there could be so much more. Then he discovered that following Jesus could actually be PRACTICED in everyday life, not just thought about and talked about. This revolutionized his life and gave him genuine hope that it is possible to model your life after Jesus.

Through a clear and simple approach to the spiritual disciplines, author and revivalist, Parker Richard Green leads you into the same supernatural results experienced by early church fathers and mothers. Way of the Victorious will give you:
  • Powerful vision for what each of the spiritual disciplines can produce in your life.
  • Practical steps for getting the most out of prayer and Bible reading.
  • Simple strategies on what to do during your devotional time.
  • A spiritual compass for cultivating a fruitful and dynamic devotional life.
  • Keys to creating and enjoying your “secret place” with God.
Break free from lukewarm faith! Walk in the ancient paths, and experience the same intimate relationship with Jesus that empowered the early church.

ISBN - 9780768463958

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