What's Wrong With Protestant Theology?


Tradition vs. Biblical Emphasis... Grateful for the Reformation's break with errant beliefs and practices of the medieval church, What's Wrong With Protestant Theology? argues that Protestant theology nevertheless came up short. Influenced by its quarrels with the Catholic Church, it continued the long-standing practice of using Scripture mainly to support previously-formulated answer to opponents.

Asking the question "What does the Bible clearly emphasize?" relentlessly, this book reveals the radical biblical message. It moves far beyond a Protestant "theology of preparation" to the call to fulfill the purpose of Jesus' mission throughout the present age of the Spirit.


"Dr. Jon Ruthven's new book is a gold mine of insight into the serious problems facing western theological education and Christian discipleship in general... (It) has the potential to cause an earthquake on the theological scene. But, that which truly is of God will not be shaken. I believe every Christian leader should read it. I was personally very enriched and excited by What's Wrong With Protestant Theology?" ~ Randy Clark - Founder of Global Awakening

ISBN - 9781950053452

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