When the Fire Falls


People falling over. Holy laughter sweeping a room. A power outage that shut down a city - but protected an intimate confession time for hundreds of pastors. Glowing twigs. Healings. Demons cast out. Individuals set free of issues and guilt that had crippled them for decades. The poor cared for. The hungry fed. The weak encouraged. Young and old, touched in supernatural ways. A revival that spread from Toronto to Kelowna to Montana to Philadelphia to Kiev to Sao Paulo and dozens of places in between.

Rex and Lois Burgher have seen God move in powerful, extraordinary ways. With a humble spirit, genuine curiosity, and a sense of reverent awe, the Burghers have traveled the world and seen what happens when God comes in power.

Featuring a foreword by Dr. Randy Clark, When The Fire Falls tells the Burghers' story - how God saved them, blessed them, transformed them, and used them to help others. It is a love letter to their tender Father, thanking Him for His blessings and His revival, and will inspire you to dig deeper than ever before - seeking out God's next great move both in your own lives and in the lives of everyone around you.

ISBN - 9781935765141

Variant: Book