Whispers From Heaven


Partnering With God In Powerful Prayer and Effective Intercession... Many struggle with prayer, hoping to offer up words that achieve results. Late seasoned intercessor and Bethel Church leader, Beni Johnson believed that prayer is most effective when we allow God’s heart to guide our requests. When we pause to ask, "God, what are You doing?" before we pray, there is no limit to what He can do through us!

Whispers from Heaven is a collection of Beni’s writings on prayer and intercession. Presented in short entries which the reader can use as a daily devotional or reflective reading, each chapter teaches you to discern the voice of God before you enter into prayer. You will learn how to:

  • Listen for God’s voice to give you prayer assignments;
  • Recognize what spiritual realm you are dealing with in prayer;
  • Pray from the victory that Jesus purchased at Calvary;
  • Know when it is time to war and time to rest in prayer;
  • Be equipped to pray effective prayers that see results.

Hardcover version
ISBN - 9780768462050

Variant: Book